ADreach Ocean Heroes Enduro

8 Sept 2019

North Beach
START TIME - 10:00


6:30 - 7:30am - Durban Surf Lifesaving Club in the Des Collopy Hall

Complete Entry Form - R100 per person

7:45am - Durban Surf Lifesaving Club in the Des Colopy Hall


Ocean Heroes Enduro Format - 10:00 Start 

1 - Swim
Start approximately 50m past backline and swim to shore ignoring all buoys.


2 - Surf Ski
Paddle around all 3 buoys in an anticlockwise direction.

3 – Pier Run

Run to the end of the pier, turn around an orange bouy at end of pier, run back to beach to pick up your board

4 - Board
Board around 2 closest buoys in an anti-clockwise direction. You will then run around the Northern turning marker for your final sprint finish. The position you cross the line will be your final result. ONLY ONE RACE.


Do not wear branded Surf Lifesaving swimwear (No skull caps).

Ladies: The top ranked ladies, from the previous year, will be provided with Ocean Heroes racing vests. Please race in black costumes, if possible.

Men: The top ranked men, from the previous year, will be provided with Ocean Heroes racing vests (12 guys). In addition, you will also we allocated a pair of Ocean Heroes jammers, which is optional (you can wear your own, non-heavily branded skins.) NO swim caps are allowed for the men. If you decide to wear a costume, instead of jammers, please make sure it is black with no club branding.

Do the right thing:
Conduct yourself in a professional manner

Entrants need to be 14 years and above and surf safe (on the date of the event).
ALL skis and boards must be LSA weight and length. We are not checking for stickers.
Men and ladies will start together.
Be accommodating with the media (GoPros on craft; sponsors stickers; interviews)


Wade Krieger


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